Healer's Touch Book Cover

Had the pleasure of working with Deb.E Howell on her Deadly touch series last year. This Is the cover for her first book in the series "Healer's Touch".
It's a fantasy novel set in a dark western world, but with a strong romance element also. She has the ability to heal and is hunted for her powers by a skilled warrior, who also becomes her love interest. I really wanted to capture those 2 elements, the dark threat and the lighter romance elements.
I felt like this cover captured that quite well in the end, the warm romantic sunset lighting but with her love interest but also threat, looming dark in the foreground. I really spent a lot of time trying to get the right sense of emotion in her face, a kind of cautious yet curious look. Her healing powers also added a way to bring some more warmth and light to it also and not make it overly dark.
Had a really great time working on this one, Deb was very open to ideas and had a lot of fun collaborating and running ideas back and forth.
Can see more about the book series here if you are interested https://deberelene.com/books/touch-1-healers-touch/