Gnome Hamm

Final sketch

Final sketch

I'm sure like everyone has at some point, you've asked yourself : " what would Jon hamm look like as an old, halloucinating, happy go lucky gnome, with the facial hair of Jerry Garcia ?" Well here's your answer :D

This was a very fun one to paint haha and also the last in the dnd portrait series. The character description seemed so intimidating and specific at first , I wasn't sure where to start. When I allowed myself to just enjoy the process more instead of worrying about the outcome I ended up having so much fun with it though.

Actually found the M.A.D art of caricature book very helpful for this, as exaggerating and morphing his face a little also helped in making him look a bit more gnome like. Capturing these kind of specific expressions and feelings to a portrait is something I really enjoy.

Character itself is an old gnome who's done too many drugs with an hallucinogenic green ball and dirty old mushroom cap.